If you're reading this page then you've probably been invited by me, Shams, to check out the tabletop roleplaying game I've been developing and hopefully give me some thoguhts/feedback. I just wanted to say thanks in advance and I hope you genuinely find it delightful and promising :] Below are some personal goals I have for World of Chibu. Let me know in what ways you think that I could improve upon the system to meet them.

The World of Chibu Roleplaying game was designed with a handful of important priciples in mind:

  • Create highly customizable characters quickly.
  • Fast gameplay that rewards players with multiple level ups per session and little downtime.
  • Slightly overpowered player characters to make combat exciting and put an emphasis on story and the effect Chiban's actions have on the world.
  • Guidelines that are both specific enough to spark the imagination, yet open-ended enough to allow Adventure Masters and players a plethora of ways to be creative within the system.
  • A setting that has both the ability to be fun and light-hearted, as well as have martial, social, political, and economical depth (more on that in the upcoming World of Chibu Campaign Setting).

With that in mind, I look forward to reading your thoughts on this commentable Google Doc:

World of Chibu Complete System (Alpha)

email: contact@shamsnelson.com

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